When You Need Roof Repair In Houston

Your Best Choice for Roof Replacement or Roof Repair Houston. 

Roof InspectionOn the recommendation of one of our neighbors, we called Texas Metal Roof Contractors (TMRC) to inspect our roof after the Hurricane. We were told this company provides an extensive range of roof repair services to residents and businesses throughout Houston and has an impeccable reputation for excellent customer service. They sent a crew out the next day and gave us a no obligation free roofing inspection. They presented us with a list of the problems they found and an estimate of the cost to do the repairs. We had several loose or missing shingles and a couple of other issues but nothing serious. They came back the next day and took care of the repairs. TMRC is known for their knowledge, expertise, and guidance in all aspects of roofing. They specialize in roof repairs and roof replacements, for all kinds of domestic and commercial work. If you are looking for a customer-focused roof repair company in Houston to assist you, you can find more information here.

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About TMRC

Texas Metal Roof Contractors is Houston’s preferred choice for roof repair services.  They have developed a strong reputation amongst the Houston, TX community for providing a high-quality roof repair service at competitive prices, and no job is too big or small. All their staff has been professionally trained to assist you with all your roofing repair requirements, so for information, advice, or to speak to someone about our roof repair service, you can give them a call or check here. TMRC has over 30 years industry experience, and the expert staff can assist you with all your roofing needs. They have a strong focus on customer satisfaction and take pride in our quality workmanship.

Overlooked Water Damage Services

HVAC Cleaning

Dirty air ducts are a scary sight. Over time, dust, hair, mildew, soot and more collects on air duct surfaces and falls into the crevices of your once brand-new, beautiful ductwork that was so clean you could see the pink fiberglass through its protective coating. Air Ducts should be dried and cleaned after water damage incident.

Why Clean Air Ducts?

Full-system HVAC cleanings are useful for some reasons – one of the most talked about is that research suggests that cleaning heating and cooling system components (like cooling coils, fans, and heat exchangers) can improve the efficiency of your air duct system. For many homes, this cleaning can result in a longer operating life of the HVAC system and may provide some energy cost savings. Full system HVAC cleanings are most beneficial in units where the air ducts and air conditioning and the heating systems were not correctly installed, or in older systems where perhaps it has not been maintained appropriately.

Contaminated Ductwork.

Dirty Air DuctsOver time these air ducts and air handling components can become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen, debris and even moisture. Moisture has the potential of creating mold growth and spores. We favor full-system air duct cleanings as it is the only way to rid systems of these contaminants. Otherwise, they can cause allergic reactions or other symptoms in people who are exposed to them. In the event of an inspection discovers significant mold, cleaning the air ducts should be part of the mold remediation process.

Document Drying

Water Damage to Important Documents

After a flood rages through your home, some of your most important belongings can be destroyed if not properly attended to afterward. Let us restore all of your important documents and books before they are lost for good.

Document Drying Is Safe And Efficient

We’ll take your papers, books (antique and new), and any other type of document damaged by the flood and do our best to restore them to their previous condition. We know some of these things cannot be replaced and get them back to you as quickly as we can.

Document Drying Service Tips

If possible, leave any wet items alone on a flat, dry surface after retrieving them from the flood waters. A particular process is needed to treat them (especially antique papers and books) and restore them to their former selves. You want fast and friendly document drying service when you need it.


See More From The Air

Aerial Roof Surveys

Aerial imaging affords us a complete look at the “bigger” picture – of your roof. On larger commercial and industrial projects this form of inspection is a more cost-effective and a more thorough examination than a walk-on roof inspection. Now satellite surveys are the newest method used for commercial roofing in Houston


A Proven Approach

This proven approach is highly accurate in detecting moisture at its earliest stages so issues can be addressed before there are visible signs, structural damage or business interruptions. By using infrared scan technology, a building owner or property manager can significantly extend the life of their roof while reducing overall maintenance expenditures. Traditional roof inspection methods require a time-consuming grid type contact search (capacitance testing) that can involve drilling holes for core samples in the roof membrane. This inspection method is not usually recommended because of how intrusive it can be.

Your Roof Should Be Inspected Annually

Far too often…the cause of a roof failure is the absence of proper maintenance and inspection. Periodic roof inspections and maintenance to correct deficient conditions can significantly increase the service life of any roof system. A regularly scheduled maintenance program will avoid expensive emergency costs that can occur without maintenance. Some Houston roofing contractors offer a
free annual inspection
program to help keep your roof in top condition and avoid failure and unnecessary roof repairs. Commercial flat roofs can last up to twenty years if correctly installed and properly maintained but even experienced roofing companies may fall short on seeing what is underneath the top layer.

Why Have An Aerial Infrared Flat Roof Survey?

  • Documented savings through early detection of moisture issues
  • Reduces on-the-roof survey time by several nights
  • Accurately forecast and prioritize funding allocation saving thousands in unplanned repairs
  • Entire roof surface is surveyed at the same time, allowing for unique imaging for benchmarking overall conditions
  • Infrared images and daytime photos are coordinated for easy identification of roof areas.
  • Unscheduled downtime, equipment damage, and product losses can be avoided.
  • Insurance premium savings may be available.
  • Roof areas needing design improvements can be addressed.
  • Roof life can be extended by as much as 100%.
  • Damage to structural roof components can be prevented.
  • Energy Savings can be achieved by finding damaged insulation and air leaks.

When Is An Aerial Roof Inspection Not A Good Idea?

An aerial roof survey will be less effective if your roof is a standing seam metal roof or a roof that has highly reflective coatings applied to it. If you have a smaller commercial roof, a walk-on infrared scan is a better use of finances and will be just as effective due to the smaller surface area.

Smart People

Some People Are Just Too Smart

I don’t know why some people are so adamant about getting basements in areas with a high water table. Honestly, it is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. When I lived back in Los Angeles, I had a neighbor who desperately wanted to build a basement in her new home. And, surprisingly enough, even when the engineers and construction workers told her the potential issues with a basement so close to the ocean, she just threw money at them and told them to do their job. (Yeah, this woman was a real piece of work).

And Then The Rains Came

So, as the rest of the neighbors watched her build this huge house with a basement, I was shaking my head and just waiting for the rainy season to come. Unsurprisingly, when the rainy season came, my neighbor’s basement was flooded. So, she had to call a water damage service to “waterproof” her home for the second time. And by “waterproofing” I mean that she had to seal up the windows that were remotely close to the ground because that is how all of the water got in. She has so much water in the basement that I didn’t think it was even worth having such a small basement. Her basement is literally only five and a half feet tall and it is probably only about one hundred and twenty square feet. Really, lady? You paid a huge amount of money for a basement that people cannot stand up in? Ugh, some people.

Storing Your Things In A Basement

When you are thinking about where to store your stuff, plan for the worst. You need to think about all of the potential consequences if your basement is flooded. Never store perishable items on the floor or where they could be damaged or destroyed by water. Basements are notorious for flooding so you need to plan for that fact because sooner or later it is likely you will have a water damage incident in your basement.

River Oaks Hail Damage

More Property Damage Is Caused By Hail Storms than By Tornados

Most think about tornadoes being the generally destructive part of a thunderstorm; however, tornadoes usually only destroy a couple dozen properties prior to dissipating. A hail storm normally attacks several thousand homes while it passes over a metropolitan area. If your residence has been hit by a hail storm you need to set up a preliminary free roofing inspection, find a good River Oaks roofing contractor to do the necessary work.

Hail Damages Your River Oaks Roof

There is an excellent possibility you will require an examination for roof hail damage at some point if you live in or around Houston, TX. Heavy thunderstorms can be a common event in this area of Texas. These types of severe storms are often violent and result in massive property damage from wind and hail. The roof on a beautiful River Oaks home can be battered to shambles.

Roof Damage by Hail Storms

When hail strikes an asphalt shingle roof, it usually loosens the shielding granules and exposes a fragile spot the proportions of the hail stone. There is a fiberglass strengthening mat within the shingle. Typically the soft spot happens when the mat is crushed at that particular place. The impaired site is submerged in similar to a crater. These sunken locations are sometimes referred to as “bruises.”

Hail Damage Can Be Hard To Spot Even From The Roof

If the hail had been sizable, the damaged areas might be apparent from the rooftop level. The bruises could be significantly less observable generally if the hail appeared to be smaller in dimension. Smaller hail can still lead to soft spots that will deteriorate the shingles even when they are not noticeable from ground level. Hail damaged shingles don’t always leak initially since they’re double coursed and also have felt under-layer. The affected areas will, however, cause the roof to degrade faster and over time start to leak. You’ll need to have a free roofing inspection and evaluation to determine the magnitude of the damage. It’s a good idea to have your roof inspected any time you’ve been hit with a serious hail storm. Your River Oaks Roofing Contractor will tell you if the damage is serious enough to file a homeowners insurance claim. You need to call the homeowner’s insurance representative if the damage was affirmed by your roofing contractor. They’ll give you a claim number, and an insurance adjuster will be appointed to the claim. Remember hail damage can accumulate over time causing more expensive repairs or even full roof replacement.


A Water Damage Incident

Water damage is a serious problem that can affect your property at any time. Most people think of water damage as caused by forces of nature like heavy rain, storms, flooding or even snow. However, there are other sources as well – backed up or overflowing appliances in the kitchen or bathroom, burst pipes for fresh water or sewage, and outdated plumbing which is causing leaks can all result in serious damage to your home and belongings. Never ignore any of these dangerous problems. Water inside a building will almost always spread, and as the problem gets worse, more damage and expense mount up.

Professional Help

Professional water damage technicians can get started immediately with an evaluation of the cause of the water problem and an assessment of what has been damaged. The first step is eliminating the source of the water penetration. After that, they will treat all of your possessions that are salvageable, using state of the art water extraction process, and store them safely while we move ahead with work on the building. They will remove any contaminated materials out of harm’s way. Professionals have the equipment and the skills to perform expert water extraction, thorough drying, mold removal and treatment of the air quality. Once the site is completely dry and disinfected, free of any trace of moisture, mold or germs, we will start on the structural repair work.

Restoration and Repair

A professional water damage restoration team excels at water damage repair and restoration of the premises to their pre-damaged condition. Any damage to the building’s plumbing and electrical systems can be completely repaired, to the highest standards of safety. They will repair and remove all signs of water damage. Once your building is completely strong and sound, they apply the crowning touch – a professional paint job, using mold resistant paint. Now your property is as good as new.