River Oaks Hail Damage

More Property Damage Is Caused By Hail Storms than By Tornados

Most think about tornadoes being the generally destructive part of a thunderstorm; however, tornadoes usually only destroy a couple dozen properties prior to dissipating. A hail storm normally attacks several thousand homes while it passes over a metropolitan area. If your residence has been hit by a hail storm you need to set up a preliminary free roofing inspection, find a good River Oaks roofing contractor to do the necessary work.

Hail Damages Your River Oaks Roof

There is an excellent possibility you will require an examination for roof hail damage at some point if you live in or around Houston, TX. Heavy thunderstorms can be a common event in this area of Texas. These types of severe storms are often violent and result in massive property damage from wind and hail. The roof on a beautiful River Oaks home can be battered to shambles.

Roof Damage by Hail Storms

When hail strikes an asphalt shingle roof, it usually loosens the shielding granules and exposes a fragile spot the proportions of the hail stone. There is a fiberglass strengthening mat within the shingle. Typically the soft spot happens when the mat is crushed at that particular place. The impaired site is submerged in similar to a crater. These sunken locations are sometimes referred to as “bruises.”

Hail Damage Can Be Hard To Spot Even From The Roof

If the hail had been sizable, the damaged areas might be apparent from the rooftop level. The bruises could be significantly less observable generally if the hail appeared to be smaller in dimension. Smaller hail can still lead to soft spots that will deteriorate the shingles even when they are not noticeable from ground level. Hail damaged shingles don’t always leak initially since they’re double coursed and also have felt under-layer. The affected areas will, however, cause the roof to degrade faster and over time start to leak. You’ll need to have a free roofing inspection and evaluation to determine the magnitude of the damage. It’s a good idea to have your roof inspected any time you’ve been hit with a serious hail storm. Your River Oaks Roofing Contractor will tell you if the damage is serious enough to file a homeowners insurance claim. You need to call the homeowner’s insurance representative if the damage was affirmed by your roofing contractor. They’ll give you a claim number, and an insurance adjuster will be appointed to the claim. Remember hail damage can accumulate over time causing more expensive repairs or even full roof replacement.