Smart People

Some People Are Just Too Smart

I don’t know why some people are so adamant about getting basements in areas with a high water table. Honestly, it is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. When I lived back in Los Angeles, I had a neighbor who desperately wanted to build a basement in her new home. And, surprisingly enough, even when the engineers and construction workers told her the potential issues with a basement so close to the ocean, she just threw money at them and told them to do their job. (Yeah, this woman was a real piece of work).

And Then The Rains Came

So, as the rest of the neighbors watched her build this huge house with a basement, I was shaking my head and just waiting for the rainy season to come. Unsurprisingly, when the rainy season came, my neighbor’s basement was flooded. So, she had to call a water damage service to “waterproof” her home for the second time. And by “waterproofing” I mean that she had to seal up the windows that were remotely close to the ground because that is how all of the water got in. She has so much water in the basement that I didn’t think it was even worth having such a small basement. Her basement is literally only five and a half feet tall and it is probably only about one hundred and twenty square feet. Really, lady? You paid a huge amount of money for a basement that people cannot stand up in? Ugh, some people.

Storing Your Things In A Basement

When you are thinking about where to store your stuff, plan for the worst. You need to think about all of the potential consequences if your basement is flooded. Never store perishable items on the floor or where they could be damaged or destroyed by water. Basements are notorious for flooding so you need to plan for that fact because sooner or later it is likely you will have a water damage incident in your basement.