Community service is the type of the criminal punishment for the people who have committed a crime, but they are not imprisoned but fulfill the community work for the good of the society.

There are many types of crimes punished differently. If someone has committed a crime, he can pay the debt to the society, fulfilling the community service. It is a definite solution to the problem of crime and criminals have the chance to prove that they are useful for the society and do community service for free.

Nowadays, the majority of the light criminals are involved in the community service, because simple imprisonment will hardly teach them anything. If the crime does the job of planting trees, cleaning the streets or improving the views of the city painting gates and walls, he will think twice before committing the crime again.

Community Service Case Study

Moreover, he will understand that one must not litter on the streets and damage the public property because it is difficult to renovate and clean everything to the appropriate level.

Of course, community service cannot be applied to the specific categories of people: pregnant women, women who have small children under three-year-old, disabled people, military soldiers. In fact, community service is not only the type of punishment for criminals but a voluntary function of the specific institutions for the good of the society. For example, high schools and colleges often ask students to devote time to clean the streets of their hometown to show them that it is hard to keep the town clean all the time.

Community service is the activity aimed at the improvement of the condition of the villages, towns, and cities for free. The student who has chosen to research the problem on community service is supposed to observe the topic from all possible sides. It is essential to divide the executors of community service into the specific categories and define the aim of the service. One should pay attention to the laws which explain the application of community service for criminals and public institutions and clear up all the questions which can be related to this sort of service.

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