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Bryan Mammal’s Social Problems and Human Rights An increasing number of social problems can be seen in our country. In the lecture, our guest speaker mentioned several social problems such as unemployment, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, child abuse and bullying. These social problems have a lot of negative effects to our youth and they will also affect the development of our society and country.

Thus, more attention and efforts should be aid to control and solve these problems in order to prevent it increasing continuously. Firstly, it can be easily founded in our newspaper that there is a high rate of unemployment among graduates in Malaysia. According to The Star Newspaper 01, 2013), there are about 40% of public university graduates are unemployed or stuck in mismatched occupations. Particularly, a survey which conducted in 2011 found that there were around 25% of graduates being Jobless in the past six months. This news has been proved by Education Ministry official, Dry. Mood Clan Yah.

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He mentioned that this phenomenon may be caused by the graduates have less practical experiences which may not be supplied by their education. Furthermore, he also said that the lack of language proficiency in English may be one of the reasons. Graduates may not have sufficient knowledge and competency for the Jobs they are looking for. He suggested that one of the methods to manage this problem is to encourage the graduates to be more entrepreneurial. He also stated that government should ensure that the graduates possess sufficient experiences so that they are able to sustain their business.

Abortion among teenagers is also becoming a serious social problem in Malaysia. According to World Health Organization (WHO) (1992, as cited in Family Care International, 2005), unsafe abortion is one of the top five causes of pregnancy-related death in the developing world. As we know, Malaysia is still a third world country, also known as a developing country. Abortion is banned and illegal in our country. A concerted effort should be paid to control the problems of abortion in Malaysia. Family Care International suggested several reasons of abortion.

One of the causes of abortion is social issue ouch as crime act. Women who are pregnant result from rape or incest may seek abortions. They decided to do so is because they perceived that the pregnancy is the problem in their lives. Another reason is because of pre-marital sex and the women are pregnant unintentionally. They may feel unprepared to become a parent or they are unable to raise a child. There are a lot of negative effects after the abortion. In term of physical, the worst effect is death. In term of psychology, abortion can also cause depression.

A lot of reports showed that a lot of women who did abortion follow-up by suicide. Besides that, WHO stated there is a direct association of induced abortion with breast cancer. Furthermore, there is a Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) caused by abortion. PAS described that the emotional and psychological cost of abortion. Normally, they will suffer from emotional pain after abortion. Thus, this social problem should be paid much attention to control and manage it. Furthermore, alcohol abuse among youth is also becoming a serious problem in Malaysia. It is highly responsible to death and injury in car accidents.

Besides that, alcohol abuse can cause physical and intentional disability, deterioration of academic references, aggressive behavior and family problems. Moreover, it can directly cause criminal behavior and it also can lead too broken marriage. One of the reasons why youth like drinking is peers’ influence. They make friends with those who like drinking and it may lead the result of alcohol abuse. Other than that, stress may be the contributor to alcohol abuse. The stress from study or work may cause them to drink in order to forget the troubles temporarily.

All the problems mentioned above are becoming serious problems among youth in our country. A lot of measures would be implemented by government to control the increasing of those problems. During the class, guest speaker had thrown out a question to all of the students which “If you put your last 10 ringing on something that needs to change in Malaysia, what it would be? There are many answers that could impact on people, such as corruption, poverty, racist, education system, the right of homosexual. From our group, we concluded three of the biggest problem in our society and we want to change.

The priority concern is about the corruption. We always criticize our government’s system of being corrupted. For examples, buying the “1 Prima” houses need to bribe the property agent to get the cheaper house and we need to bribe some of the government officer to make the process smoothly and faster. Next, the common example of corruption is to bribe the policeman when we get trouble in driving whether the driver is having alcohol or disobey the rules of traffic light. Corruption is involved two or more parties. However, we do not realize that we are always the second party who bribe others.

Definitely, it will indirectly educate the young people on bribing to make things smoothly and keep the trouble away. During eroded of youth, we also can found that student gladly bribe their driving examiners and pass their driving examination or cheat in the academic examination. The hidden problem of corruption mainly because of the government officer does not get the reasonable salary and the corruption can make them get extra salary. Therefore, to solve this problem, government may imitate the system of Singapore, to increase their salary and stop the corruption.

The second biggest problem is our education system. Education makes us broadminded, makes our body and mind healthy. It also makes us aware of our rights in the society. Education forms the basis of the society, is responsible for the economic, social, political growth and development of the society. It provides a strong base for children. Higher education provides an individual clearer vision of things, makes one’s goal clearer and makes one more receptive to change. However, Malaysia’s education system is not too strong. It is rigid, academic-based and limited resources.

The teachers in Malaysia do not really educate the students and fulfill the student’s needs, knowledge need or psychological needs. They only care for their Job and salary. Therefore, the power of teaching is emitted. Furthermore, in our opinion, individual is forced to study and they did not have choice of choosing their favorite subject since secondary school. In one of the group mates’ real life example, his friends always skip class and finally do not attend any classes. They like sport but they are forced to study the subject they do not like.

Therefore, maybe the education system can be more creative and talent-based. It gives the opportunity to every student to expose different area of talents and create more benefits for our country. If we can use RMI to change our country, the last issue will be the empathy. We feel that Malaysian is lack of empathy. Many of us, including you and me, maybe only focus on the benefit of own self. We have the proper house to live, we have car, foods, water, and we fight for the better quality of life. However, we do not try to care and concern of other people.

For example, we do not scarify our time and money to help others, like beggars, poor family or neighbor. It does not provide the good model or environment for helping other. One of the real life examples is that, a beggar seeks help from a man, but the man yells at him and do not give any empathy. Next example is that one of our group mate’s motorbikes was out of petrol on the roadside, he pushed the bike all the way to petrol station and nobody helps him. He felt helpless. Therefore, we night think that other people will help the needy so we choose to silent and do not give any help.

We should change our mindset that helping each other and we start from ourselves. The earth we lived is a world that is filled by various injustices, for the pursuit of truly and complete human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nation, 1948) paints a beautiful picture. The declaration pursues birthright of human being, although it recognized by most of people, but there is a long way to go for the accomplishment. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights shows us that we are all free and equal. We are all born free and should all be treated in the same way.

People should not be discriminated by others. These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences. People all have the right of life, and to live in freedom and safety. People should have the right to a good life. Mothers and children, people who are old, unemployed or disabled, and all people have the right to be cared for. The article 26 states that people should have the right to education. This is an ideal world that people are pursuing. In fact, the world we lived is not a world that people are all born free and equal.

A child who was born in a rich family has totally different human rights situation comparing with the child born in poor family. Children who were born in rich families can get enough nutrition during the growth, can get a better education, and have more chances of success. The poor family’s children have to suffer malnutrition, dropout and threat of unemployment. Even if poor young people take far more efforts than those born in rich family, they still can not change heir poverty and they never have the equal opportunity to get success same as those rich young people.

The capitalism has created enormous wealth in the history of human being. It also has developed the concept and content of human rights. But capitalism has brought not only the unprecedented wealth but also has resulted in a huge gap between rich and poor. According to the report, the wealth of the richest 85 people in the world is more than the total wealth of poorest 3 billion people (Thompson, 2014). One hand, capitalism is in the pursuit of human rights, on the there hand, the problems of equal right can not be solved and become more serious.

Young generation in the markets is struggling with the much fewer Job opportunities because of the happening of financial crisis and globalization. In developing countries, more serious corruption and widespread poverty are plaguing the government and the people. Corruption may cause the happening of poverty, because a bride demanded by a police officer may mean that a family can’t afford school fees or even food to eat. Corruption also resulted in the decrease of life quality in developing countries because the officers of government may feather their est. with public money.

According to Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nation, 1948), people have the right to democracy. They all have the right to take part in the government of our country. Young people have their rights to choose their own leaders and supervise their leaders of government to prevent and reduced the occurrence of corruption. They also should actively participate in the management of communities, and give their suggestion to those events which can impact their rights and quality of life. In conclusion, the world we lived in is so imbalance.

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