Risk for a food truck

Actions required and who will take responsibility to manage the risk Reputable competitors Imitating our product or reducing the price of their product (e. G. Umbrella. Fat Boy’s burger & Burger Junkyard) Medium (2) High (3) Consistently monitor competitor’s marketing strategy to ensure our business is aware and actions can be taken to overcome any threats. The owners of the business. Faulty equipment 6

Regular cleaning and servicing of equipment must be done. Equipment must be well handled. The owners and staffs of the business. Unable to breakable In a matter of 1 year 9 Guerrilla marketing to promote product and services In order to get profit. The marketing and accounting team. Bad word-of-mouth from highly-judgmental customers Make sure the staff are properly trained to serve the customers well. The owners and staff.

Not being able to acquire required licenses and permits Low (1) Meet the requirements set by the governing agencies. The owners. Unexpected fire Any fire incident will be insured by AX Malaysia. The owners and staffs High employee turnover Different hiring mode. Hire students to work during peak hours. Customers not satisfied with current menu or price Conduct surveys to study the change in customer’s preferences. Feedback can be analysis to improve the menu or make changes to the price. The owners and staffs.

Distribution logistics not on time An agreement will be made with suppliers on the delivery time and product cost Any breach of agreement will be the supplier’s responsibility. Alternatively, if there is a need to buy ingredients, staffs can walk to Ben’s Independent Grocer within Publish. Ingredients provided to customers are not fresh Staffs are responsible to check the ingredients before starting the business on that day to ensure all materials are not expired or spoilt. The owners and staffs.

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