The effects of conflict within power and society throughout the two texts

This essay will examine and analyse the effects of conflict within power and society throughout the two texts. The texts, which have been studied, are “The Mabinogion” which is an anthology of tales and consists of a flow form, tale to tale throughout the texts, where as “Metamorphoses” taken from its name, meaning change has a poetic flow of text. There are some similarities yet a lot of differences between the two texts i.e. both texts come from the Celtic background but there is a different time line between them, where “the Mabinogion” is set in the 15th century, however “Metamorphoses” is set in the beginning of time itself.In regarding to both of the texts, the beginnings are totally different where in “The Mabinogion” because of its Celtic traditions and ethnicity to society and power it always begins with the introduction of a “King” or a “Prince” where all is well i.e. “Pwyll prince of Dyved was the lord of the seven cantrevs of Dyved” or “Bendigeid Vran the son of Llyr” this means that every tale or myth has a happy and wonderful beginning.However when it come towards the middle of the tale we can see havoc, conflict, death of innocence “before any one could seize hold of him he thrust the boy headlong into the blazing flame” This quote illustrates that people who wanted war got war because of their spiteful actions, although when conflict and havoc come across their lands the conflict that was there would have been settled and therefore the person who created the destruction will pay the penalty of the life. Towards the ending of each tale there seems to be a celebration or a “feast” as they “meat” and drink and once again happiness is brought to their lives. Every tale that ends, the flow of texts makes it seem like a never-ending cycle.In contrast in the “Metamorphoses” there are a lot of differences in the opening where conflict and chaos moulds the creation of the earth as destructive to life its self”Chaos, a raw and undivided mass, naught a lifeless bulk, with warring seeds of ill- joined elements compressed together” this illustrates that the world was not made peacefully by the gods but was moulded to form a perfect orb, known as the earth.Conversely when the reader gets to the middle of the tale it becomes settled and normal “earth the Prometheus moulded, mixed with water in likeness of the gods that govern the world-and while the other creatures on all fours look downwards, man was made to hold his head erect in majesty and see the sky” the creation was embraced towards a successful addition to the universe. However there was a slight miscalculation where they did not in tend to predict the destruction of man “Iron now was in the men’s hands to bring them bane, and gold a greater bane, and war marched forth that fight with both and shook its clashing arms with hands of blood.Men lived by spoil and plunder” this illustrates that even though” The gods” created man in a way that they could do things for them selves but the abused there power and created war, “iron was now in the hands of men”. This is very powerful in the sense that would be the upcoming of war. This illustrates that men or human kind has no control, the symbol of “war” is brought by men who seek power so they would do any thing to get it.In the text of “Metamorphoses” the structure of it is different then “The Mabinogion”, where it begins with “Chaos” settles but towards the ends it reverts back to death, conflict and “Chaos” again.In both texts there is a wide range of power shown through different aspects, i.e. within “Metamorphoses” there is a lot of power “in the marble council chamber sat “The God’s”, the Gods sitting in a marble chamber illustrates that this setting is very powerful, marble chamber itself is a pure place of judgement, even the marble represents a precious stone. However in “The Mabinogion” there is some power but portrayed in a controlling yet polite manner “he would not listen to the message that we bore him” although the word “Lord” illustrates a lot of power which makes “Lord” seem like an individual who contains the power, honour, wealth and leadership of the god’s themselves.There are many ways in which power is portrayed i.e. the use of colour and garments “golden was that first age which unconstained with heart and soul”. This quote illustrates a very powerful message, which says that the world was created at first, which is untamed constructed to the “golden” age where there were “no punishment”, “no penalties”, “no suppliant” and “no Judgement”. The “golden” age portrays the purity of the human race at the time.On the other hand “The Mabinogion” has a tradition for mystical and pure colours i.e. ” a lady on a pure white horse of large size with garments of shining gold around her”, reading this quote gives an illusion of the lady on the horse is an angel. This illustrates that “yonder lady” is a goddess; although she is wearing shining gold garments the horse which she is riding is also a powerful symbol of strength and heavenly grace “the more he urged his horse the further was she from him”. This illustrates that although the horse looked heavenly it was also a mystical creature.In other parts of the texts the society is shown in a different way in the texts, where in “The Mabinogion” the society runs in a hierarchical way, in does however flow in a traditional and honourable way “thy wisdom was never so great and thou was never so kind or so free in bestowing thy gifts and thy judgement was never more worthy seen than in this year”. This quote has a powerful effect on society and tradition where if the “lord” shows respect to his fellow “nobles” then the “lord” would indubitably receive the “nobles” gratitude and respect in greater form.In comparison to “Metamorphoses” the society is also in a hierarchical manner but there is a difference in the ways in which the gods react to what happens in the society “Can Jove intend to abandon earth’s domain to the brute beast to ravage and despoil” the way in which society infatuates life shows on how the “gods” are affected and how they will react to society, this illustrates that disobedience, dishonour and disrespect can lead to dyer consciences.In both of the texts the language is illustrated mostly by the use of imagery, where it is shown in different ways. Imagery is conveyed in a very profound manner “what hair was upon his head was as yellow as gold” this quote illustrates that “gwri wallt euryn” had hair of gold this give the reader the impression that he is a godly like figure. As well as the use of atmospheric sense which gives the reader more urgency to carry on i.e. “I will go into the castle to get tididings of the dogs, truly thuo wouldst be unwise to go in to that castle which thuo hast were seen till now”. This quote illustrates that even though something looks straightforward there is always a mystery behind it. I think that the language within “the mabinogion” is very profound, pleasant and it gives the reader a sense of security that all is well.However in “metamorphosis” the language is more profound towards the negativity within the language and conveys it in an aggressive manner “further incitement to wickedness. Now dangerous iron and gold- more dangerous even then iron” this illustrates that men can never be trusted with other’s lives with out thinking of their own benefits, especially if they have lack of control over their actions.

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