Why do some of the islands residents want to stay on the island in spite of the eruptions

There are lots of reasons for this. One reason is due to lot’s of people living on Montserrat are far too poor to travel or move out of the country. This is because on Montserrat there have been recent earthquakes that destroyed people’s businesses and farm land which means they can’t earn any money to travel in the south or develop in the north. But Montserrat isn’t completely destroyed, which means Montserrat has a chance of development in the north where it’s far away from the volcano and people’s businesses and farm land won’t get destroyed.However in the north, there is wild life and nature which would have to be cut down which means Montserrat won’t get any business for tourism which also means it won’t be sustainable. The bad point about development for Montserrat means if the people living on Montserrat don’t have any money for the development, we (British government) will have to lend them builders, road layers, and wood choppers. This is a lot of money for us to spend on development for the country because we have other things to spend money on.Besides development for Montserrat, there is a community which people have lived in Montserrat all their lives. So it would be hard for the people living in Montserrat to move out of the community and leave your friends behind. Even though it’s a small community/country, it’s a happy traditional community where people dance and grow their own crops and food which means people would happy live with. This attracts people from all over the world, which gives tourism because some people living in rich countries for example England or America love to experience very different life styles and traditions on Montserrat. Another feature of Montserrat that attracts people is the very hot weather. Every one wants to travel to countries which have hot weather all year, which is what Montserrat has.Why do some people think/believe Montserrat should be abandoned?Some people think Montserrat should be abandoned because the North of the island is not safe from further volcanic ash clouds. If the wind is blowing north during a volcanic eruption which could happen at any time, people will be affected by the ash. Tourism and industry can not grow and develop because of the volcano is still active. Businesses, farmers and general people can not get any insurance. This means that if anyone living on Montserrat get’s affected by the ash, they can’t do anything about it. The only solution is the British to repair it or replace it. This is a lot of money for the British to spend on, which means it can’t go on for ever.Why do I think Montserrat should be abandoned for ever?In my opinion, I think Montserrat should be abandoned for ever because it’s putting thousands of people’s lives in risk. It’s a mistake that was made in Pompeii so why should people make the same mistake? Another reason is, in July 1995 and continuing on June 1997 a massive volcanic eruption completely destroyed the capital city (Plymouth), burying it under 5ft of ash. It contained most of the islands shops and services and the seat of government. Four thousand people lived in the city and most of them left the island after the volcano and have not returned since. Some of the lost shops and services have been relocated to the north but most have not. All of this means/shows that the volcano is still active and that it can do a lot of damage which is what would happen if we where to replace all of Montserrat buildings, shops and services.

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