Women who are materialised by masculine characters in literature

How do we gain insight through the materialisation of women in The Stranger? Since relationships are such common parts of our lives, it is not surprising that wefind frequents references to them in literature, such as in Camus’, The Stranger.Relationships in literature have endless links to the text in general, but they especially  link to the themes of the text. This is because such themes of literary work can be  reflected in the relationships that characters have together. Relationships, obviously a  social occurrence, convey the general characteristics and mannerisms of characters,  which builds throughout the text. More abstractly, in addition to developing  characters, Camus uses relationships, more specifically the materialisation of women  to furthermore to build on themes of text. In turn, by analysing relationships and the  materialisation of women, we gain insights into multiple themes that Camus is trying to portray.

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